BBQ Sauces

Monk’s Sauces​

We make each of our sauces from local beers, wines, and spirits fresh every week. Although our meats stand alone without sauce, we decided to make them to compliment each meat and spice mixture to enhance your experience.

Raspberry Chipotle Merlot

​Using Corcoran Vineyards Raspberry Merlot, this sauce is kicked up with chipotle peppers and Monk’s pork rub. It’s sweet, spicy, and great on pork or chicken, and is the best sauce for our pastrami. It’s a customer favorite for sure.

Blackberry Whiskey

This sauce uses a blend of Corcoran Vineyards Blackjack Blackberry Wine and Catoctin Creek Distilling’s Roundstone Rye Whiskey. This sauce is great on pork, chicken, or beef. It has a mild spice along with a burst of whiskey.


​​Corcoran Brewing’s Slainte Stout gives this sauce a hearty, beery flavor that is a perfect compliment for our brisket.​ There is no heat to this sauce so it’s great for people that are sensitive to spice​​.

Angry Sauce

This sauce has a lot of habanero pepper in it. You’ve been warned…

Carolina Vinegar

Using apple cider vinegar as a base, our Carolina sauce is kicked up with brown sugar, salt, fresh cracked black pepper, and crushed red pepper. For those Carolina pulled pork purists out there, this one’s for you.

Alabama White

This sauce is a little different and most BBQ enthusiasts have never even tried it. It’s a blend of mayonnaise, white vinegar, and horseradish, along with a few spices. It’s the traditional BBQ sauce for the region of Northern Alabama and is soooo good on our pulled chicken.