Smoked BBQ Menu Items

Brisket $13.99

Our mouthwatering brisket is smoked all night and rubbed with our mixture of spices that bring out the natural flavors of beef. We serve the brisket tender with a nice bark and a beautiful thick hot pink smoke ring. {Comes with your choice of cornbread or as a sandwich and one side.}

Pulled Pork $12.99

​​Our pork is terrific with our unique blend of sweet and spicy rub. You will enjoy the flavor and tenderness with each bite.  {Comes with your choice of cornbread or as a sandwich and one side.}

Pastrami $14.99

Whole beef brisket cured and seasoned with our pastrami rub and smoked all night along side our briskets. This is a unique item that can’t be found on BBQ menus for miles around. A lot of customers say it’s a true reminder of genuine NY style pastrami.  {Comes with your choice of cornbread or as a sandwich and one side.}

Pulled Chicken $12.99

Our chicken is smoked whole over a blend of hickory and cherry. The hickory is a perfect match for chicken, and cherry gives them a beautiful golden color. This yard bird is unmatched, especially when it’s topped with our Alabama White sauce.

Spare Ribs $18.99 1/2 Rack – $32.99 Full Rack

Monk’s Spare Ribs are a big ol’ slab of dry rubbed perfection. Our rub is a blend of sweet and spicy which is a perfect match for this style of rib. We prefer to eat them dry, but if you must, slather them in sauce and enjoy!  

Burnt Ends $14.99

Monk’s Burnt Ends are twice smoked brisket ends, caramelized in our Angry Texan Sauce.

Turkey $11.99

Monk’s Turkey is smoked and butter braised with a salt and pepper crust.

Cheeseburger $12.99

Monk’s Brisket Cheeseburger is made with 100%  brisket, seasoned with our gunpowder rub and smoked to perfection!  Check out our sauce station to customize your cheeseburger!  {Comes with one side.}

Alabama Chicken $13.99

2 Chicken Quarters (thigh and leg) smoked with a dry rub and topped with Alabama White sauce. {Comes with one side.}

Seasonal Salad $12.99 pork/chicken/turkey $13.99 burnt ends/brisket/pastrami

Mixed greens, house made croutons, house cold smoked blue cheese crumbles, dried cranberries or fresh strawberries (seasonal), choice of meat, house made ranch, blue cheese or vinaigrette dressing.

The Boss Hog $109.99

Monk’s Boss Hog is the ultimate meat sampler platter.  You’ll enjoy: 1/2 lb Pulled Pork, 1/2 lb Brisket, 1/2 lb Pastrami, 1/2 lb Burnt Ends, 2 Chicken Quarters, 1 Texas Hot Link, 1 Full Rack of Ribs, 1 Bacon on a Stick & 8 slices of Texas Toast.  {Includes an individual size of pickles, slaw and jalapenos.}

The Piglet $54.99

The Monk’s Boss Hog a little intimidating? Then The Piglet is perfect for you!  You’ll enjoy: 1/4 lb Pulled Pork, 1/4 lb Brisket, 1/4 lb Pastrami, 1/4 lb Burnt Ends, 1 Chicken Quarter, 1/2 Rack of Ribs, 1/2 Texas Hot Link, 1/2 Bacon on a Stick & 4 slices of Texas Toast. {Includes an individual size of pickles, slaw and jalapenos.}


Cornbread – Custard Filled $2.99

Yep, you read that right! Sweet and filled with custard.

Memphis Nachos $10.99 – With Pork or Chicken $12.99 / With Brisket or Pastrami $13.99

Shown with the pastrami, this pile of scrumptious ingredients includes smoked Gouda Cheese, Jalapenos, Onions, Salsa and chipotle sour cream.

Texas Hot Link $11.99

Ground and stuffed in house, this sausage is spicy and satisfying. Includes 1 side and your choice of bun or cornbread.

Smoked Wings $13.99

Pickle Brined overnight and slow smoked. Eat them with blue cheese or ranch if you must, but the Alabama White sauce is a perfect match.

Bacon on a Stick $7.99

A generous slab of pork belly, house cured, smoked, and on a stick.

Banana Pudding $4.99

A genuine southern favorite. A perfect finish to any of our meals.

Seasonal Cobbler $4.99

A delicious seasonal Cobbler topped with Whipped Cream; the perfect way to complete a meal.

Dirt Pudding $4.99

Crushed layer of Oreos, Chocolate Pudding and topped with whipped cream.


​​Potato Salad $3.99

Monk’s potato salad is perfect on a hot summer day. Hearty, cool, and refreshing, it’s the perfect compliment to a rack of ribs.

​​​​​​​Vinegar Slaw – $3.99

Our slaw is shredded fresh every morning so it’s nice and crispy. The base for our slaw sauce is vinegar. The result is a somewhat sweet slaw, with a slight tang from the vinegar, and is noticeably crisp and fresh.

Monk’s Beans – $4.49

​The beans are nice and sweet, like a baked bean, but kicked up with smoked rib tips that we’ve trimmed from our spare ribs. The spice from the rib tips is a nice compliment to the sweetness of the beans

Smoked Gouda Mac & Cheese – $3.99

This mac & cheese is made with smoked gouda, resulting in a creamy texture and a slight smokiness.

Dill Pickles – $2.99

Homemade, crisp cucumbers and onions brined with dill, garlic and pickling spice

Collard Greens – $3.99

Loaded with pork, vinegar and spice, we dare you to find something more Southern!

Smashed Potatos – $3.99

Rustic, roast garlic and red bliss potatoes.

Dirty Rice – $3.99

Spicy sausage, smoked tomato, onion and green pepper in our perfectly cooked rice.

Mushrooms – 6oz- $3.99, 16oz- $9.99, 32oz- $18.99

Applewood smoked mushrooms with signature Monk’s seasoning.